Chocolate Cookie & Banana Pudding Dessert Pizza

SONY DSCI hope y’all had a wonderful Easter filled with love, thankfulness, and good food! I am so far beyond full right now that I can’t even believe I’m blogging because I really want to crawl into my comfy bed and sleep off this food overdose! Our day started with an amazing church service, but it always is, I just love our church and pastor! Then we came home and I went to town cooking! I prepped some last night thankfully and the other thing I am super thankful for, well there really are a million things I am so thankful for, but my double ovens in our new home! We had our friends who like family to us over to our new home and I think it was really one of the most relaxed and fun  Easters ever! The best thing we can do in life is surround ourselves with people who truly love us with no stipulations, I call it “realism”! Because really, I’m about as “real” as ya get! But back to the food, we had so much food, my friends brought some great dishes and I made so many as well, it was just an awesome feast! I will blog that tomorrow or at the very least, soon! But since it’s still Easter for a few more hours, I have to blog this Dessert Pizza that has peeps on top! I thought my Oreo cake would take the number one spot, but this simple easy pizza took the number one for me! I was able to stave off a pack of kids long enough to photo it then they ravaged down the peeps! My cousin and I were just talking a minute ago on Facebook about how we don’t like peeps! I finally found another person who doesn’t like them besides me, are there any more out there? Not sure why, I’m just not a fan, but I always get them for my family and they are great for decorating! Here we go…\



1 package of Betty Crocker Double Chocolate chunk cookie mix

1 package of Banana Cream pudding mix

1 container of Lite Cool Whip

Chocolate chips for topping

5 peeps


This is really soooooo easy! Mix the cookie dough as package suggests and preheat over as the package says. I use a pizza stone, but any pizza dish will work, on the pizza stone spread the dough out like you would a pizza crust. Bake until done. Cool completely. Make the pudding per package suggestions. Add that to the top of the cookie, leaving the edges exposed like a pizza crust. Add the cool whip over the pudding. Sprinkle with chocolate chips then add peeps! The kids like this one because most kids love peeps!

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Happy Easter Everyone and I hope your week is wonderful and blessed!

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