The Brickhouse Burger and Sweet potato fries…love our Brickhouse Sports cafe

IMG_3082I need to get start posting more of the some of the delicious food we eat out, because even though I love to cook, we also LOVE to eat out! I know I’ve said it before but my husband and I love to eat, it’s probably our favorite hobby! To us the perfect day is hopping in the car with the kids, taking a family drive to wherever it lands us and finding a great place to eat! One of our favorite local places is the Brickhouse sports cafe in Huntsville. We love it the most in the summer when we can sit on the patio near the water fountain and listen to the band, but that hasn’t happened yet this year, very soon! This past Saturday we went to the Brickhouse for “linner” as we call it, because when you eat lunch around 3 your halfway between lunch and dinner:-) My husband and I both went for our favorite, the Brickhouse burger! It’s got blue cheese, special sauce, onion rings, I mean really, a little of everything! Medium rare, nice and juicy, it’s always heavenly! And they have wonderful sweet potato fries! The burger is as huge as it looks in the picture, ginormous! I may be 4 ft 11 inches tall and barely a little over 100 pounds but yes I ate and typically do eat, the whole darn plate of food! And though we rarely drink these days, this day called for a nice blue moon with an orange on tap, once in a while you need a beer with your burger.

I just wanted to show off the delicious burger:-) If you live near Huntsville or ever visit here, the Brickhouse is a great place to visit!


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