Five Guys, I love you, and yes I’m talking about the burger shop:-)

What a beautiful day here in Northern AL! I do not think this northern girl has ever experienced a New Years Eve with 62 degree weather, and I LOVE it. Today my Husband son and I went shopping to spend our gift cards! We were starving as we headed out as my husband and I had just finished our walk, must get that exercise in every day! I walk every day, it clears my head, gives me time to think about the day, collect myself and have some calm peaceful time. Usually on my walks though I am planning in my head what my next meal is going to be, as was the case today. I knew we would be eating late tonight as we are having friends over to celebrate the New Year and suddenly it came to me, I had a craving that I needed to get my fix for….Five Guys!!!! My husband and son LOVE 5 guys, and yes, we all know how bad it is for us, but it is such a good treat!

My almost 12 year old son got his usual plain Cheeseburger, our kids are very plain, fortunately my daughter was at a friends house and chose not to come with us as she really does not like five guys, or red meat, well, really any meat. My husband and I proceeded to get our cheeseburgers loaded with as much stuff as we thought we could put on them while still being able to hold and wrap our mouths around them, this can be a challenge for the small lady I am, all 4’11” of me. I amaze people everyday how much food I can pack away, thus, the reason I have to be so regimented with my exercise!

I can happily and contently say that five guys did not disappoint. My Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, pickles, grilled onions, green peppers, mayo and ketchup was the bomb, as are those delightful golden, perfectly fried french fries. Now back to the healthy eating starting tomorrow as the holidays will be over.

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