Our new baby and the reason I am MIA these days!

IMG_4582It’s funny when you are young you look ahead and try to plan out your life detail by detail. I started planning out mine very early on, I was going to get married young and I was going to have kids young because all I wanted in life was to be a mom and wife. For real, that was really my goal and I was going to have 4 kids, 2 boys and 2 girls. That’s just how I saw it. Well, y’all know I have 2 kids, and to me that is perfect because sometimes there is a reality when you are young and dreaming that just hasn’t hit ya yet! I did get married young, I did have kids young and it’s been more than I could ever have dreamed of having but it wasn’t only because I wanted it that way, it’s because that was God‘s plan for me!  We have however added to our family recently and I will later relate back to God’s plan in my life!

We got a new puppy, a baby Shih Tzu who joins her 8 year old Shih Tzu sister Maggie, who, almost 2 weeks into being a big sister, still is begging to go back to being an only puppy child! Those who know me know that I call all dogs “puppies” because it’s cute and I just like to refer to them that way! Gracie is our new baby and she is a doll! She is the cutest and funnest pup and we are having so much fun with her. Her first 4 to 5 days with us she was so docile (except the potty issue) and just layed in our arms for hours. She wimpered  a little and got up several times her first night with us but has slept through the night since, getting up only to go out and go potty, which we wake her to do! About her 6th day with us, Gracie came out of her shell! She is full of energy and love, throws puppy tantrums, poops and pees all over our house (why do they come in then go???!! And why do they go NEXT to the potty pad?!) and is champion shoe chewer! My allergies are raging because of course it seems I am allergic ( I am allergic to the world, no joke, including dogs, but do fine with our other Shih Tzu), I am exhausted, I need to buy stock in Lysol wipes but I would’t trade it in because she is such a great new addition to our family!

See, this has proved to me that God knew I needed to have my kids young and thank You for that! Kuddo’s to people who start having them at my age. At 35, my kids are independent, I don’t need to watch what they are doing literally every second, they don’t need get up or get me up in the night, and honestly, and I can get up early, get my coffee, sit and be left alone to wake up in peace. I love that! But now, I feel like I’m back to suicidal toddler stage! The good thing is, the puppy stages go so much faster than infant and toddler stages! It really is adorable to see this cute little chubby ball of fur running through the house with a shoe in her mouth that is bigger than she is, it is cute when we roll over in bed and she thinks we are waking up and she runs over to lick our faces and bite our hair and ears with her needle sharp teeth, it’s so cute to watch her sleep make little suckling motions and sounds with her mouth and as much of a mess as it makes, it’s kind of cute also to see her lying amid a pile of shredded Kleenex that she has some how found and is now all over my floors! There are so many cute things she does, the one though that I just can’t find cute and am determined to get under control STAT is seeing her hunkered up or squatting on my brand new carpets, rarely is it on the tiles, gotta be the carpets!

I have had no time to do anything other than keep up with my kids and chase around puppy, but this is the perfect time to have brought a new pup into our home since the kids are on summer vacation. They have been very helpful with her and helping me take her out consistently and  play with her. Our older pup Maggie is slowly warming up to her, but the puppy just isn’t understanding the whole “you do not wake a  sleeping Maggie, you will get your face bitten!” Maggie likes her sleep like I do, so I can see how this can be pesky to her! It is cute that they now will play together some, it’s really fun to watch. So my focus right now is on the pup, but I am having some major baking/cooking/blogging withdrawals so I need to sneak some of that in! It’s been to hot to do a lot of cooking, today it’s in the 90’s and the dew point is 77, and I am honestly thinking of baking a cake!

When I am not chasing pup, I am driving kids around to friends houses, to music lessons, to church, to Dr. Appointments, it has been a really busy summer, I’m glad we snuck in that beach vacation early! I’m so lucky to have this life, where I can be home to raise our kids and take them where they need to go and to be able to be here to train our family pets. It’s such an honor to be a mom and wife and I honestly love all the duties that go along with it, even puppy stages with the family pets! Though I feel about 90 lately from allergies, lack of sleep and chasing pups non stop, and I do mean non stop (she is napping now and about to wake up!) it’s truly fun! We love that little pup, and of course our big pup, so very much, my dogs are like children to me! Here is a peak at our new addition and the reason I have seemed MIA!
IMG_4531She loves riding in my daughters purse!

IMG_4774Gracie tells her momma lots of puppy secrets!

IMG_4780My daughter has been taking sewing lessons and made her a sleep mask, she really wears it!

IMG_4791Greeting Dad yesterday after he got home from the airport, she missed him!

IMG_4519 IMG_4516


Loves the kids!


IMG_4801Busted! She carries the title in for Best in Shoe Chewing

IMG_4802Desperately begging us to return the puppy and return her happy world of being the only puppy child


I will be back with more posts soon, hopefully some good recipes, I have lots of photos, recipes in the works  just need to time to write and create!








4 thoughts on “Our new baby and the reason I am MIA these days!

  1. Your like on my post led me over here and it was like reading a page out of my own story. Married 22 years now by the grace of God(I was 19!!!), 3 kiddos (2 boys and a girl), and a NEW PUPPY (bulldog)! Exhausted, a bit stressed, and loving it!

    • Ok, I just went and read your bio page and we sound like we have a TON in common! Both from the north east living in the south, learning to love working out after kids, MAJOR sweet tooth, Christian, husband best friend, and then the whole puppy thing, holy cow!! haha. That is so funny! And southwest FL is our favorite part of FL, we love our Sanibel Island/FT Myers! I’m so glad you stopped by my blog, I love meeting people with similar interests, I look forward to following along your blog!

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