Fish Taco’s & Seasoned Black Beans

IMG_4459This week I am very grateful that I finally have time to update my blog! I’ve missed it but life has just been extremely busy. The end of May was crazy busy with the kids end of school year activities! When school got out I tackled painting my daughters bedroom which we had promised her (next up is my son’s and the rest of the interior, I’m a color girl!) and after running around busy for so long we just enjoyed some quiet down time hanging out at the pool and just chilling out! Last week we took a family beach vacation and had the most relaxing and enjoyable family time I could have imagined! There is nothing like the ocean, especially when it’s the Gulf of Mexico with the white sand and warm water! We even had stingray visitors swim up to ups, the kids found that very cool! Now, sunburn intact and a refreshed motivation I am hoping to get some sort of routine back with my blogging and of course keep up with my eBay store! I love going on vacation but by the last day I find myself looking so forward to coming home, especially when everything is covered in sand and damp and your hotel room is littered with treasures of the ocean and suitcases and you’ve eaten out to the point of no return! I couldn’t wait to get home to my washer and dryer (I adore my blue front loaders, they make laundry somewhat fun!) and most of all my kitchen!!

I keep saying I want to make fish tacos. We love fish tacos and order them out often when we see them on a menu. I think the best we have found are at Big River Grille in downtown Chattanooga (you can’t go wrong with any of their food, LOVE that place! If you ever find yourself in Chattanooga you must eat there, it’s right near the aquarium!) We have had a lot of mediocre fish tacos that were OK but nothing to rave about. I finally just decided to make them last night and they were delicious! Not sure why it took me so long to make them since they are really easy. We had one little glitch, (which I am always prepared for since this happens to me often lately) I went to prepare the cod and it was rotten, oh yeah, slimy and stiiiiiinky! My husband came to the rescue and went to our other local supermarket (luckily we have them so close by!) and they did not have cod this week so we ended up using catfish which turned out great. Cat fish is fleshier and not as delicate so it worked great for the tacos. We have lots of fresh Catfish here in AL! So today I get to, yet again, return rotten fish! Here is what you will need!

1.5 lbs of White Fish (like I said, I tried using Cod but ended up using Catfish, talapia would work great or if you live in my old stomping ground of the northeast HADDOCK, my FAV!)

6 tortillas (lightly browned on each side on a skillet ( I used fajita size because we like our food big, haha, but mostly because I had them on hand and on hand saves money!)

Cole Slaw (recipe below)

Guacamole (recipe below, or you can get pre-made)

Salsa ( I used Newman’s own Tequila Lime)

2 limes, 1wedged into 4 pieces on cut in half

Cilantro for topping

olive oil (for browning tortillas)

marinade or seasoning for your fish ( I used Kroger’s Cajun seasoning)

First make your slaw and guacamole ahead of time, especi ally the slaw because giving it a few hours in the refrigerator after making it makes it so much tastier since all the flavors have time to settle in together! Rinse the fish and place on a broiling pan and take your halved lime and squeeze juice onto the fish. Coat well with your seasoning. Broil on low for about 15 minutes, turning fish once halfway through. Watch carefully, timing will be different for all  ovens. While the fish is cooking brown your tortillas over medium heat with the olive oil and skillet/frying pan. When the fish is done set aside and cut into strips or large chunks. Place a nice amount of slaw on the tortilla, add fish some guacamole and drizzle with salsa and cilantro.


Cole Slaw Recipe: (I confess again that I do not measure anything here so this is all approx! Go by your taste, you may have to add a little more or less of something. Somehow I can always make it taste the same without measuring, luck I think!)

1 bag of Cole Slaw

1 cup of lite Mayo

3 tbsp white vinegar

1 heaping Tbsp sugar

1/4 tsp red pepper

1 tsp dill

1/3 tsp paprika

ground black pepper (to taste)


In a large mixing bowl mix all of the ingredients together except the cole slaw itself. When the mayo mixture is all mixed together and you  are happy with the taste, add the rinsed cole slaw and mix well! Refrigerate until ready to eat.


2 ripe avocados

1 large garlic clove, minced

2 tbsp lemon juice

crushed red pepper to taste

Peel the remove pit of avocados. Place them in a medium size bowl and mash them until they are mixed well (I like mine a little lumpy, mash longer if you like it really smooth). Add the remaining ingredients and mix well.

I served our tacos with a side of black beans, we love our black beans:-) All I did for that was buy a can of low sodium black beans, pour them into a sauce pan and heat over medium heat with a little cilantro and crushed red pepper mixed in.

As I type this post I’m thinking it seems like a lot of work but really, it’s not and it’s so worth it!!! This dinner was delicious and I was so happy my first attempt at fish tacos came out so delicious! I hope you give them a try and if you do, I hope you love them too!


11 thoughts on “Fish Taco’s & Seasoned Black Beans

  1. Looks delicious! I have never made my own coleslaw and this looks like a good start – I didn’t know it was so easy. Interested to see what other recipes you have in store. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • Thank you and thanks for reading my blog as well:-) Yes, coleslaw is so easy and even easier when you cheat like I do and used the already packaged/shredded cabbage! One of these days I am going to do the whole thing from scratch! This is really yummy, you should give it a try! I look forward to following your blog!

  2. I love fish tacos. I always feel that they are lighter and healthier than beef.

    Eww on the rotten fish. Are you saying that the fish was sold to you rotten? If that is so, that is disgusting and they should be shut down and audited.

    • Thanks for the comment, they are lighter and healthier! Yes, I purchased the fish that had apparently gone bad. This happens way to much from both of the supermarkets I shop at. From now on I’m going to have to inspect it and sniff it as I’m buying it I guess! I wish I had a different option here for buying fish.

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