Lemon Pie Bars

SONY DSCToday was interesting! My plan was to exercise, clean the house and go to lunch with a friend. I did exercise and I was halfway through mopping the kitchen floor when the school called at 9:30  because my daughter was sick. Needless to say there was no lunch date but we can do that any day, the girl needed me! What I was sure was just another sinus infection turned out to be Strep Throat, yikes. So the girl is still down but has started anti biotics and I’m praying she wakes tomorrow feeling much better and that the rest of us don’t catch it. It was a good day even though my poor girl was sick,  it actually made me go the extra mile with the house cleaning! I’m a total germ-a-phob, so I got a lot of cleaning and disinfecting done, more than I would have had she not come home, plus I got extra cuddle time and a nap with her, what could be better? There was a brief moment in time where my whole kitchen was totally clean! No flour and sugar on the counters and floor, not dishes in the sink, everything was spic and span and put away. I waited for my husband to walk in so he could see it then dove into cooking and baking and got it back to its normal disarray! Don’t get me wrong, I always clean up my mess, or Bill does, he’s really good about jumping in to do the dishes if he’s actually home when I’m cooking, but our kitchen gets a lot of traffic and cooking action! I will do my dinner post tomorrow because I’m getting tired but I had to post these amazing Lemon Pie Bars I made. I love lemon bars but have never made them home made before. It was so easy and my goodness were they good! I found this recipe in the allrecipes magazine or you can find it at this link http://allrecipes.com/recipe/lemon-pie-bars/

Since my daughter wants to cuddle and I’m tired, I’m going to be lazy and not write out the recipe and let you all just click the link if you wish to make them! I highly recommend this recipe!


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