Mexican Food and Furniture Shopping

IMG_3430Yesterday was a fun family day, minus one, the teenage boy opted to remain at his friends house🙂 One of our favorite things to do is to just hop in the car with no plan and have a little road trip! Lately the road trips have been fewer and close to home since my husband has been working some crazy overtime, but they still are always the best times:-) And we are just about done with that overtime, at least for a while, so there will be some out of town road trips in the very near future:-) The first thing we did was of course, get food! Surprise huh! We went to a Mexican restaurant that we had actually never been to a town away and it was awesome! They have really good Margaritas and my enchilladas were so so good! And the sad thing and very unusual thing is I forgot to take pictures of it! I always picture my food but I was starving so I forgot! After we were full we went on to our shopping:-)

Our house that we bought a couple months ago is so wide open which we love, but we really need furniture and there just hasn’t been time to shop for it and when we do we get overwhelmed and shut down! I wish I was as creative with home decor and decorating as I was with cooking and creating recipes, but I’m not! We found the most darling furniture store yesterday and it’s so close to our house, we have seen it before and never stopped and I am so glad we did! All of their furniture and accessories they sell are  unique and hand made out of either old wood, drift wood, old medal, old doors and such. We have a huge wish list going right now but we did purchase a beautiful hutch. It was delivered today and looks amazing in our kitchen, I am in LOVE! We love going to furniture stores and testing out all the chairs and sofas and the kids love to test out all the mattresses as probably all kids do! This is how it looks in our house!IMG_3436

Most of the accessories I have on the hutch are things I have found at thrift stores and  yard sales, since I thrift every week. We live in a well off area (people seem to have disposable incomes here, I take advantage of that!) I’m such a bargain hunter! And then there were the other stores that were ok, but it’s the same old stuff you can get anywhere but we had fun testing out furniture!IMG_3432 IMG_3430 IMG_3420IMG_3421My kids always find the fake fruit in the stores very entertaining, even at these ages! The picture of my daughter in the chair alone was the end of our adventure in case anyone couldn’t see the exhaustion, I thought we were going to have to buy that chair just to carry her out on it! So that was a super fun Saturday then today my son convinced me to take him to the indoor flea market that he is obsessed with, you really have to be in a good mood to handle this! It’s always a good laugh and I’m a picker, but I mostly go along for the laughs and it makes him happy! And it was a rainy day after all, might as well make the best of it! It truly was a fun weekend and I just wanted to share to show you all that even though I typically just post about  food, I do actually leave my house and go out and have fun! We spend a lot of family time like this doing random things and we actually enjoy it, spending time with these loves is my favorite thing in the world! I love it even more than food:-) I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into a weekend in my family:-)


3 thoughts on “Mexican Food and Furniture Shopping

  1. Wow!!! Love this chair and couch. I am looking for this kind of chair from long time. Please share information about where I can find it to buy. Thanks for share beautiful furniture items.

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