Turkey Burgers, Spinach Salad and Seasoned Black Beans:-)

I’mmmmm Baaaaack!!!! Wow, I have been a really bad blogger these days, it’s been too long since I’ve posted! I’ve taken lots of pictures of my meals, I just have not got them up here to share with everyone! I figured since I’m in need of a break from my ebaying and I’m in a complete and utter allergy fog today, now is a perfect time to sit here and just write and share another recipe:-)

We recently learned that my husband is border line diabetic, not good for food lovers like us, but I have gone crazy with making better food choices and getting diabetic approved meals. The poor guy isn’t even really over weight he just has bad genetics with both parents being diabetic. So I’m doing my part in hopes that we can reverse this by the time he gets retested in June. If anyone has any yummy diabetic recipes they would like to share, please do!!

In other news, we got a new baby….well…actually in the last month we have got 2 new babies, we rescued an adorable 2 year old little pup, but that is another post, the other baby is what we have been drooling over for a year but had to wait until we sold our house in NH. 2 mortgages was not fun… which is more news…we sold it!! But I’m getting side tracked. We got the coolest gas grill/smoker combo!!!! My husband is in heaven, as is my brother who is living with us. And I love it too because they love to grill and it cuts down on my kitchen time, hehe. This is the new baby and it rocks!

I mean we now live in Alabama, you cannot live in AL, BBQ country, and not own one of these!!  I also got him a little treat since he’s awesome and works so hard to go with it and he loved it!


So last night we did Turkey Burgers on the grill. They are full of protein and perfect for the diet plan I have him on hence all of us on:-) We grilled the patties, topped them with reduced fat cheddar (American on the kids) and then I had sliced up avocados, tomatoes, onions, and pickles as well as washed spinach to use on them as well. We had light mayo and ketchup on the side and I used a little of both on my burger. I served the burgers on Healthy Life wheat buns. I had also prepped a spinach salad with tomatos, cucumbers, avocados and carrots and we topped that with a little light ranch. I also made black beans. I used a can of low sodium black beans, mixed in cilantro, crushed red pepper, ground black pepper and about 2 tablespoons of reduced fat cheddar cheese and they were delish! You can use any turkey burgers, I usually like Jenni-o as the quality is slightly better but we used Kroger brand last night and they were excellent:-) This is how dinner turned out, and don’t laugh too hard at how I eat my food, I LOAD it!

I’m realizing the spinach salad didn’t make the photos, oops, but the best part did, so good!!

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