Pulled Pork Bake

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday night, the weekend went to fast, but it was a great weekend spent with my family. I like having easy dinners on Sundays, Crock pot meals are the best as I can thrown it in the crock pot, we can go to church, do all the other weekend tasks we need and like to do but still have a meal waiting, plus a yummy smelling house! Tonight’s Dinner was Pulled pork Bake, one of my husbands favorites! So good!


2 lb pork loin

1 jar of BBQ sauce ( Today I used Kraft and I believe it was hickory smoked)

2 tbls brown sugar

crushed red pepper


sharp cheddar cheese (about 3/4 cup)

Bisquick Mix (I used the heart smart one)

Milk (for Bisquick)


Put the whole pork loin in  the crock pot. Set for 8 hours on low. Add the bottle of BBQ sauce, brown sugar, crushed red pepper and parsley (the last 2 ingredients to taste). Cook 8 hours. When the pork is done, shred with forks and mix well into sauce. Let cook another 10 minutes while you prep the Bisquick. Get out a baking pan, I use a glass 11×13. In a bowl, mix 2.5 cups of Bisquick with 1.1/4 cups skim milk. Mix and pour into baking pan and bake at 450 as directed. When it’s done, remove from over. Turn off crock pot and top the Bisquick mixture with the pulled pork, spreading evenly. Top with cheese and bake for about 5 more minutes or until the cheese looks nice and melted. That’s all, so easy and you have a simple, heavenly, eat!! Hope you all had a great weekend!

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