Spiked Eggnog Latte…a little treat to keep you warm and content:-)

SONY DSCAre you an Eggnog fan? It seems that lately I have run into many people who scrunch their nose up at me when I mention Eggnog. I guess it’s just not a taste for everyone. For me, I start looking forward to the arrival of this treat in September! My kids, husband and I start scouting out the stores in October to see who, if anyone has put it out yet! I love that there is a light version too that to me tastes just as good and is not quite as deadly as the full fat version, yet no Eggnog is really healthy!

A couple months ago I broke down and bought a latte maker, nothing super fancy, but a nice solid little Delonghi machine. I instantly fell in love! Not only did it make excellent lattes, it has saved my bank account from countless runs to coffee shops for overpriced milk with a shot of espresso. It has already paid for itself, no doubt. This little machine amazes me with it’s capabilites. If you ever invest in an espresso machine, I highly recommend Delonghi!


Recently on a chilly day when my husband and I were both home we were trying to decide which flavor latte we should make. When I suggested a Rum Eggnog latte the hubs was totally on board. It was so good! Captain Morgan is my favorite Rum, it’s warm and rich tasting and you just can’t go wrong with it! Bacardi is great too, but it’s a lighter rum for drinks that don’t require a lot of warmth. If you make this, definitely go with a darker rum, just use the captain! Here is what I did, it’s very simple!

Ingredients: (This is for 2 lattes)

1 cup of light eggnog

1 shot of Captain Morgan rum ( 1 shot per mug)

Nutmeg for topping

Dark Coffee (scoop as directed on espresso machine)



Turn on your machine and make sure there is enough water in it. My machine requires I warm it at least 15 minutes ahead of time. Get two mugs out and add the Rum shot to each.SONY DSC Pour the eggnog into your frother. Add your scoop of coffee to your filter basket then tamper the grounds using enough pressure to pack the grounds. You do not want to skip this step because you do not want the water to run through your beans to quickly or you will have a weak latte.

At this point steam your eggnog until warm and frothy. The light eggnog froths better, the same with skim milk vs whole milk. The less fat, the better froth, although some will argue that it’s less creamy with less fat. Really it’s all how you like it:-) IMG_6947

SONY DSCWhen your eggnog is done, make your espresso.IMG_6954 When the light turns off on the machine, you have your shot. I actually do a double shot, the dark coffee is strong enough that I run double what it says to. I then pour that into my mug then redo this step and put that coffee into the second mug, don’t forget to tamper. Many will say that you should not wait more than 10-20 seconds once you add your espresso to your mug to add the milk/eggnog or whatever you are using. They are probably correct, however, at home, I always do wait and it always tastes delicious:-)

Once your mugs are filled with their espresso, pour half the eggnog into one mug, half into the other and divide the froth among the two. Sprinkle with nutmeg, sit down with a good book with a blanket on a sunny chair and enjoy:-) This would also make a good adult after dinner dessert drink if you are entertaining:-)SONY DSC SONY DSC



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