New Blog Name, Simple Heavenly Eats is now Chaos and Cookies!

I have been trying to get a .com website up for a bit now. The host I was using was frustrating me to no end leaving me with time to ponder about the domain. I then discovered (technology is a learning process for me!) that wordpress sells domain names! I have always love Word Press as it’s easy, to the point and I’ve never had a single issue with the site so this was a no brainer, get the domain with Word Press!  Simple Heavenly Eats is a name I came up with because I love it and I love simple recipes, I always when I love something say “this is HEAVENLY! and eating is what I love so very much! However the name was very limiting to posting subjects. So with that in mind off my family and I went brainstorming and after lots of ideas and names we all instantly smiled and said “that’s it” when I said “how about Chaos and Cookies“! It so very much describes my life, our family life, the life I thank God for and love so very much, and truly opens up the doors to a world or posting topics. Don’t worry, FOOD will be a primary topic as it carries an utmost important role in my life! We have a constant feeling of chaos in our home,  between teens and tweens and my “almost” type A personality, there is never a dull or completely organized moment. I say my “almost type A personality” because somewhere out there the natural organization link of that personality in my case is lost in space! Once can see how this could lead to chaos and is probably why more often than not I shut down to go bake cookies or a cake!


I want to make sure my followers know that I am still here, Simple Heavenly Eats is just now Chaos and Cookies! I don’t want to loose any of my fun, loyal and awesome followers that I love! So just remember when Chaos and Cookies pops up with a new post, it’s Simple Heavenly Eats under a new name! I have been a little lost over the summer with almost 3 months of the kids being on summer vacation (after almost 3 years of living in the south, I’m wondering if I will ever adapt to these very long summer breaks!) mixed with bringing a puppy into our home! The kids are heading back to school in a matter of days, the puppy is turning into a well trained doll (we still have work, but have made a lot of progress, she’s precious!) and I am planning on doing more regular blogging among other adventures I am about to embark on, but that is for a later post! So please continue to follow me and I will continue to follow you, I love my blog community, thanks for your support always!


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