Nutella demands immediate cancellation of World Nutella Day

As a Nutella crazed person myself, I can’t find any logic behind Nutella doing this stunt! It’s free publicity and advertising! Between Abercrombie & Fitch and now this, I’m wondering if companies are trying to put themselves out of business or if their egos just assume they can do anything they want and consumers will still buy. In the case of Nutella, consumers will probably still buy, giving up a food addiction isn’t easy!


Nutella is essentially a perfect food — delicious, no HFCS, delicious, full of natural ingredients, and fucking delicious. OK, yes, it has palm oil and is packed to the lid with (mostly unsaturated!) fat, but you make some compromises in the name of pure spreadable joy. Unfortunately, if you had any ideas about celebrating this superfood on World Nutella Day, Feb. 5, pack them in — Ferrero, the company that makes the stuff, has insisted that the organizers cease and desist. Oh Nutella, why won’t you let us love you? 

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2 thoughts on “Nutella demands immediate cancellation of World Nutella Day

  1. I never tried the stuff, but now I really don’t want to. The company doesn’t sound very nice. You would think they would want something like this. I wonder why they are so unsocial?

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