Do food bloggers do anything other than cook, eat and write about it?

SONY DSCI’m itching to make an apple pear pie right now, I have all the ingredients at the ready but I’m really trying to stay focused on my work as well! I try carefully to split my time up wisely, luckily I love everything I get to do everyday!  I’m very blessed! Do you ever wonder if food bloggers have any life outside of food? Well we do! We do other things, at least I do, other than cook, eat and blog about it! When I’m not on here posting about my yummy recipes and food adventures I am keeping up with my online eBay store:-) I love my eBay store, I get to treasure hunt/shop, (I’ve even been known to dumpster dive, there I admit it!) photo the items, list and manage my store, allowing me to be home with my children before and after school and do all my wife and mommy duties in between all while making money:-) I sell mostly brand name shoes, clothes and accessories that are in gently used condition. So while I’m not on here, I’m typically out hunting for a bargain or listing away, I spend a lot of time behind the lens of my camera between my blog and my eBay store and I love it! Oh and I’m always always sipping my coffee while doing any of the above, addict!

So if you are up to it, go check out my eBay store, you should be able to do a google search for it by looking up Megz Gemz 4U. Or go to this link

So my other hobby is up, what do all of you other food bloggers do when you are not in the kitchen? Share, this could be fun!SONY DSC

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