Meagen’s Shamrock Shake

SONY DSCHappy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! The Rice family had a beautiful weekend and hope you all did as well! I stated and ended my day at our precious church which makes my heart so happy, I feel so truly blessed! I made my traditional St. Patty’s day meal today, I will blog that later, but my daughter wants me to share with you my Shamrock shake recipe! I’m not sure it’s even a recipe it’s so short and easy, but it’s very very good! We all love McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes and the last time we went there I thought after seeing the wonderful caloric information next to the beautiful shake picture, why am I not making these myself?! I can somewhat control the calories and fat and save money! I’ve made them several times and they are a big hit! Here goes! Keep in mind, I’m a terrible cook as far as measuring goes, or maybe that is good, (who knows!) I wing a lot, so I will give you as much info as I can!

Shamrock Shake Ingredients: (makes 4 small to medium shakes)

half gallon of low fat vanilla ice cream ( you will only use half to 3/4 of this, unless you want to make more or bigger shakes)

about 1.5 cups of skim milk (start with less, you don’t want them too runny, you can always add more if the shake is too thick)

2 tsp of mint extract

several drops of green food dye until you get the color you desire

light cool whip to top

In a blender mix together all ingredients until blended well and evenly! Pour into serving cups, top with cool whip, even add a cherry if you wish, I was just out! Very easy and yummy treat!


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